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My name is Owen Whiting, and I’m a UX and product designer.

I believe that whenever a product is created, UX design happens. Whether intentional or not, at some point in the process, someone will make decisions about how a user will interact with the product. My job as a UX designer is to make these decisions in an intentional way based on an understanding of the needs of the business and user. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution in design, but through constant iteration, observation, and analysis, I can help get closer.

With a background in industrial design from Rhode Island School of Design, I have long had a passion for creativity and problem-solving. Outside of UX and industrial design, I have built an 11-foot wooden sailboat, created furniture, built scale models, made 3D concept art, and produced countless drawings.

I am currently a product designer at Enigma Technologies in New York, but I am always open to freelance opportunities. Feel free to reach me at owen.w7@gmail.com.

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