Industrial Design Projects

Industrial Design • Sketching • 3D Rendering

Project 1

Otolith Sound

I completed this work as a freelancer for Otolith Sound, a Washington, DC based startup that has developed a patent pending hardware solution to motion sickness. My role was to develop a preliminary works like model as a validation for the technology, as well as conceptual drawings and renderings to visualize what the product could look like in the future. The key technology is a small transducer that sits on top of the mastoid bone, which was the main design consideration

The design direction I chose was to incorporate the technology into a standard, over-the-ear pair of headphones. The technology fits in behind the ear, and is powered by a standard headphone jack.

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woman headphones

Design Process

As the designer on this project, I worked closely with a small team of front and back-end developers, copywriters, and marketing and healthcare experts to create the site over the course of about 6 weeks.

A mixture between a marketing site and a tool, it was important to strike a balance between creating something that immediately captures a user’s attention, and something that is is functional and useable.


Project 2

Braun Inspired Vacuum

This project was a redesign of an existing product, a Shark Pet Perfect® 15.6v handheld vacuum cleaner. During the process, I examined the internal components of the existing vacuum, taking into account all necessary, components such as intake vents, exhaust vents, filters, batteries, nozzles, buttons, dust cup, and the motor. With these design constraints in mind, I sought to redesign the visual form of the vacuum, making it an object that the user would want to leave out in the open, rather than stow away in a closet whenever it isn't in use. My design was inspired by Braun's products of the '60s and '70s, and in particular the work of Dieter Rams.

vacuum cleaner

Design Process

Usage Analysis

I began by analyzing how the user interacts with the existing vacuum. There are several design elements that are quite good on the current design, such as the placement of all buttons in close proximity to each other, and the easy removal of the dust cup. With the redesign, I aimed to keep these good features intact.

vacuum usage

Charge and attach

any accessories such as the pet hair removal tool. Vacuum must remain plugged in next to outlet for extended periods of time to be ready for use.

vacuum usage

Use and detatch

the dust cup. Release button is very conveniently located next to the power button.

vacuum usage

Remove and Empty

debris from the vacuum. Filter must be removed separately, causing dust to get on user’s hands.

vacuum usage

Replace and attach

the filter and the dust cup. The vacuum is now ready for recharging.

Design Process

Exploded View Analysis


Design Process

Drawings and Sketches


The Design

Final Concept

Final concept renderings, showing top and elevation views and the major components. The new design was created so that all of the components of the existing vacuum would fit into the redesigned exterior.

side view
components view
elevation view
back view